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What is Piadineria?

Until the last Century, Piadina was just a bread’s surrogate and people used to produce it once per week exploiting weekly batch.

Besides the poor made Piadine ad formatòun or armés-ci (made of Korn Flour or Wheat Flour mixed with Korn Flour) and enriched with pork’s lard.

After the 1945, the Piadina became more popular, both in the countryside and in the towns, and it was no longer considered a bread surrogate, but a delicious alternative to it.

From the ’70s, the first Kiosks started populating the territory which is now an Emilia Romagna characteristic, really popular in the region.

In Emilia Romagna, you will find many kiosks on the promenade where people stop by to get a Piadina before coming back to their family or get Piada for lunch.

But also, restaurants where Piadinas are the main menu, stuffed with fish or cured ham and paired with the proper wine for romantic dinners in front of the sea.

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Italian Street Food Experience

Piadina (or Piada) is an Italian Street Food, but also a traditional food we serve in the Piadina restaurants/Kiosks.

If you want to have a healthy, really tasty and feeding snack, you definitely have to call in our Piadineria to grab one and of course come back home with some original Italian produce as well (for this, visit the Grocery section of our website).


Treat Yourself

Do something nice for yourself and sit down for a moment to enjoy our Piadina.

Sometimes is better to take a break and chill out, because there is plenty of time to be busy.

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